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Steve's Sheds and Services

Steve’s Sheds and Services had something for everybody with their huge range of transportable sheds, storage units, shades and much, much more in and around Acacia Hills, TAS.

Whether you're needing somewhere to store your home maintenance tools, an extra carport or a shady spot in those hot summer days, ensure you get the right product by giving Steve a call today on 0427 596 969 or visit their facebook page to survey their range of products and find out more.

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Sheds - Acacia Hills | Tasmania

Steve’s Sheds and Service is led by Steve Huddlestone, who has over 10 years’ experience in the industry, knowing the product inside-out he will ensure you have just what you need. Based in Acacia Hill, our local knowledge of the environment and changing weather conditions gives us the upper hand in understanding what products work best for our area, ensuring they will be effective and long-lasting.Our fully qualified and insured team will not only ensure that you have the right product, we will also see it safely transported to you, and we can even help you install it. For face-to-face top-quality service and products, with reasonable pricing, Steve’s Sheds and Services is the way to go.

Sheds Latrobe, Home Maintenance Ulverstone, Renovations Sheffield

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Servicing Smithton to Launceston

Steve’s Sheds and Services provide a huge range of products including the following:

  • Non-Cyclonic Sheds
  • Industrial Sheds
  • Shade Trees
  • Animal Panels
  • Stable Shades
  • Awnings
  • Quick Shades
  • Kennels
  • Storage Units

With something for everyone, we strive to ensure that each of our customers gets the right products for them. To view their full product range or find out more information visit their facebook page.

Having been operating successfully for over 10 years, we pride ourselves on the long list of satisfied customers we have attained and plan to keep on growing that list.

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Carports, Shade Sheds & Storage Sheds – from Smithton to Launceston

Steve’s Sheds and Services have a wide range of top-quality sheds, storage units, shades, and much more.

Whether you're needing another carport, more room for home maintenance equipment, extra storage, or some summer shade, our fully qualified and insured team will ensure you have the right product delivered safely to your door.

Car Port Acacia Hills, Shade Stables Tasmania, Sheds Devonport Home Maintenance Latrobe, Renovation sUlverstone, Car Port Sheffield

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Give Steve a call today on 0427 596 969, or visit their facebook page to find the right product for you.

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